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As a thanks to everyone for donating I'm loading up all 3 issues of my zine, Evidence here for free. I've got one more sketchbook to scan and get loaded  up. I should have it up in a day or two.

The link opens a dropbox folder. Right click the links and click open in a new window. After taht you can print the zine or just read it.



What are tags for???

Started by Compassion Priestess in Everything Else. Last reply by Compassion Priestess yesterday. 4 Replies

Hi Friends!I'm new to art journaling (not to art but to art journaling!) and I've noticed that in alot of the youtube videos people add tags to their pages. I watched one video about how to make a book that was full of pockets for tags. It was super cute and kind of cool but I was left wondering what for?What do you use tags for?Do you journal on the tags? Make mini paintings? Why do you make tags?Any thoughts or links to finished tags would be super helpful. So far I've only seen blank…Continue

Tags: tags

Please make a glossary of frequently used terms!

Started by Compassion Priestess in Suggestions. Last reply by Compassion Priestess yesterday. 2 Replies

As a new art journaler, since joining this site, I've come across a few terms that are kind of bewildering to me!For example: ATC??? Ephemera???If there is already a glossary I suggest making it more obviously available to new people. Thank you! :)Continue

Golden Fluid Acrylics vs. Golden High Flow Acrylics

Started by Kathy in All Things Paint. Last reply by Jill yesterday. 14 Replies

Hi Everyone,I was wondering if anyone has tried the new line of Golden High Flow acrylics.  What do you think of them, especially how they compare to the Golden fluid acrylics and even how they might compare to any of the acrylic inks out there.  I have used the fluid acrylics, but haven't tried high flow yet.  Thanks! KathyContinue


Started by sam in Material Techniques. Last reply by Franny Smith yesterday. 53 Replies

I know there's no way that I'm the only one who does this. I have a zillion art supplies and buy zillions more anyways...pencils, pens, pastels, paintbrushes, BOOKS. especially books. something about an empty book just lures me. This past week I've decided to use ALL OF that janx up before I buy new stuff. Starting with the cheapest supplies I have...craft paint, generic oil pastels and my crayola watercolors. Even though I know I have and prefer using things of better quality. I have a lot of…Continue

My introduction

Started by CrystalDreamer59 in Introductions. Last reply by CrystalDreamer59 on Tuesday. 15 Replies

Hi, I'm CrystalDreamer59 and I'm rather new to art journaling. I got interested in art journaling because I am rather emotional and since I like art I was told that art journaling would be good for me. However I lack confidence in myself and my artistic abilities because I'm always comparing myself to other artist instead of just letting myself be free. I came here hoping to somehow be able to build confidence in my artistic abilities. Continue

Rubber stampers?

Started by Susan Jane Ankeney in Material Techniques. Last reply by Susan Jane Ankeney Jul 16. 22 Replies

I love them for their recognizable immediacy. Now that I do mixed media I worship permanent ink pads because my stamped images can be worked over with wet media or stamped on top of anything reasonably smooth.Are you a collector? Or just own a few? Do you carve your own? Or use “found” objects to stamp with? Do you prefer old fashion rubber, cling or clear stamps?If you have stamps that are gathering dust maybe we can inspire you to pick them up and use them. Post your questions and feelings…Continue

Tags: stamps, rubber

Stencils/Die Cutting Machine

Started by Kathy in Everything Else. Last reply by ComfortableShoes Jul 8. 10 Replies

I have been using a lot stencils lately.  Though I enjoy the commercial stencils, I would like to make more of my own. I have made a few, but sometimes cutting can drive me around the bend.  I have a heat tool used for stencil cutting, but sometimes that can be a little maddening as well.  I have been looking at die cutting machines that can cut stencils, but I'm not sure if it is only pre-programmed images included in the machine or downloaded from the product site, or if you can actually scan…Continue

Spray Ink Reviews

Started by Susan Jane Ankeney in Material Techniques. Last reply by Susan Jane Ankeney Jul 2. 23 Replies

I review 7 different companies of sprays in a number of different colors including flat and shimmer. I sure learned a great deal playing around. I’ll review them based on pigment quality and density but I make other comments as well.Dylusions: Most intense pigmentation. Color are bold and bright. Spray is heavy and solid. Flat with no glitter or metallic.Adirondack: Good pigmentation. Fairly good spray. Workhorse spray. I wish I had bought more of this than the ones below.Tattered Angels…Continue

Tags: reviews, tricks, tips, inks, Spray


Started by Susan Jane Ankeney in Everything Else Jul 2. 0 Replies

Oh NO! It's not perfect any more! It's ruined! Aaaaaaaaah!Try this on size instead…here.Have a great day with less stress and more just playing around and having fun. Those unintended additions and alterations are just an opportunity to take a new direction.Continue

Glue Sticks?

Started by Treeb in Everything Else. Last reply by Sherri Morris Jul 2. 6 Replies

Hi! I've been a member here a long time but haven't posted much. My art journaling seems to come in waves and often I get busy with my toddler and go quite a while without doing much besides scribbling some patterns with a pen in a few spare moments. Anyway, we're going on vacation for a couple weeks this summer and I want to take some things along to hopefully do some art while we are away. One of the things I'd like to bring would be a glue stick since that seems the easiest way to travel…Continue


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